The issue isn’t whether you should go to law school (or get an advanced degree in another field). It’s really about your vision of how you can contribute to the human endeavor and be happy about your role and existence as a member of the global society. Our generation, shaped by war and poverty, had a simpler mandate—do everything we can to earn a living and put our children in a better economic footing. You have a much bigger mandate—save the world from its own excesses, ease the suffering of its inhabitants and make innovations to improve our state of being. It’s an ominous task! Once you figure out how you can help fulfill that mandate, the rest is easy…

One quick side-note, you mustn’t define a profession by dollars and cents or by a cost-benefit analysis. A janitor who is committed to his/her job can do more to advance the mandate than a medical researcher who lacks passion or ethics. You make a living by what you take, but you make a life by what you give. It’s not the degree, but what you do with it that counts.

- An email from my uncle who’s part-lawyer, part-genius, part-gandalf, part-dumbledore, part-careercounselor, part-wonderfulhumanbeing (via body-peace)

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